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About Clinico Plus

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Our Aim

Clinico Plus aims to deliver high-quality healthcare which is affordable and accessible to the world. We believe in providing our users with the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and curated information and care possible, allowing them to make better healthcare decisions.

Our Vision

Working towards bridging the information gap and aid patients in an individually customized manner providing patient inclusive healthcare.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to provide patient-centered Quality healthcare to all with the most precise and on target information needed by the Family.

Our Services

  • The Best Hospital
  • Affordable Treatment
  • The Best Doctor as per your Ailment
  • Online Video Consultation before Arrival
  • No Waiting Hours
  • Follow ups after the Treatment
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We Believe In



We believe in transparent healthcare information and communicating openly and honestly.


Our approach is to provide treatment with the best available hospital and doctors as per the ailment involved.


We works on trust and will always do everything possible to uphold the trust of our patients.


We works upon 5 principles-Dignity and respect, compassion, be included, responsive care and support and wellbeing.

Data Privacy and Security

The foundations of Clinicoplus is trust and we safeguard the confidentiality of our users.
Your data has only one owner. YOU!
We does not have access to your data.
We does not sell or share your data with any third party.
We follows stringent policies so that data isn’t compromised.


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